Friday, April 17, 2009

A Great Day At Home

Yesterday was such a wonderful day at home with Nolan. We started off by heading to the grocery store bright and early. Once we got home, it was time for Nolan's breakfast of bananas and rice cereal. He just loves bananas!! He actually leans forward and opens his mouth wide to eat more. He also loves grabbing the spoon and shoving it in his mouth, getting his fingers, his PJs, my clothes, my face and hair sticky in the process. We have so much fun with this!

Nolan sat on the couch yesterday for at least 4 minutes with hardly any support. He was looking around and smiling...what a cutie! Then, just to see if he could do it, I sat Nolan down on the carpet and he stayed sitting for over 30 seconds before he toppled over. I'm not sure it counts as actually sitting yet, but he sure is close!

Another fun thing that we did was sitting on the back steps in the shade, since the weather was so gorgeous yesterday. We sang songs, played little games and watched Frank as he chewed sticks. Nolan just loves Frank. He tries to grab him as Frank walks by and I've caught him smiling at Frank several times already.

Once Ryan and Kirstin got home, we ate quick dinner of turkey tacos and then headed off to the Minnehaha Dog Park with Frank. I carried Nolan in the carrier facing me. As Kirstin said, it's just such a joy to look down at such a sweet face that is also looking up at me :)


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Great job for doing this. I need to see what you guys have going on. Love you!...............

  2. I feel so special to be in your blog:) This is awesome Gret -- what a gread idea! I will be a faithful follower of "greta and her guys". Thanks for doing this!