Monday, March 8, 2010

Some New Pictures

It does seem like all I do on this blog is post pictures...oh well, that is all I have time for currently. I have a little boy running around who takes up a lot of my spare time! I love it...he is such a joy to have in my life :) Here are some recent pictures from February and this past week.
Visiting friends in Medford, Wisconsin.  Nolan got to put on his snowsuit and play in the snow.  He did a few face plants, but enjoyed the experience!

Daddy pulling Nolan on the ice.  This was not his favorite activity!

Toothbrushing time with Daddy.  Nolan LOVES to brush his teeth!

Checking the mail.

So much fun!

Posing with Mommy.

No, Daddy should wear this hat, not me!

Tired little guy on Grandpa Garth's visit at the MOA.

I want to drink out of a BIG cup!