Friday, May 28, 2010

One...Two...Three Strikes You're Out!

We've been practicing counting quite a bit with Nolan, and today we had some fun singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. I caught the action on video...enjoy! By the way, he's 18 months old now...can you believe it?!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Picture for the Day

He loves his slide.

And his basketball hoop.

And his tricycle.

And just being outside in general.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Camera Update

Sadly I have no new pictures to share with you this time.  We did order a new camera though through Amazon as my Mother's Day present.  It should be here later this week or early next week, so after that I'll have more pics to share.  I'm really happy about this's a good model that will be a huge step up for us.  It's not an SLR camera, but I figure I will really appreciate the simplicity of having a camera that's ready to go all the time.  Yea, can't wait!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Backyard Fun

Well, the sad news is that our camera is going haywire!  It will not show anything when you have it in the camera mode.  I was able to get the last of our pictures off of it, but I think it's pretty much toast after that.  We do have my old camera from WAY back (last picture taken on it was on my deployment to Iraq in 2007, but I had it for a while before that).  That thing drives me crazy though because the screen is so small, you really can't tell if your picture is clear or blurry until you upload it onto the computer.  Also, for some reason I am REALLY good at taking blurry pics with that drives me crazy!!!  So, we may be getting a new camera soon...and I am hoping for a nice one :)

Anyway, you might be wondering why this post is entitled Backyard Fun when all I've done so far is whine about my camera.  Well, I did save a few pictures of Nolan enjoying some time in our yard.  They are the last of the pictures from that camera, so I might not have any to post for a while. 

One thing he loves about our yard is the little picnic table that's just his size.  He's getting really good at climbing up and sitting down at the table.  He also loves to lean way back and sometimes falls off into the grass...which brings up a big grin and giggle in him!  Here are some pictures of this happening.