Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Fall is here and Nolan is loving every minute of it so far! We went to the Apple Farm a few weekends back and Ryan picked out this pumpkin for future carving. I introduced it to Nolan thinking he might like looking at it because it was so bright. It was sitting on our kitchen table at first, but then we needed the space and I set it on the kitchen floor. Not too long afterward Nolan made his merry way over to the bright orange object...now he is fascinated by it! He pats it, uses it to stand, rolls it around and if you clap and make a beat for him, he will push off it and practice standing. He's gotten so that he balances for about 10 seconds before plopping down or lowering himself. If he gets bored, all we have to do is ask, "Nolan, where is the pumpkin?" Nolie-Bear then makes his way over to it and points it out. I never imagined it would be so entertaining, but he sure does love it!

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