Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gimme Three Steps!

This is just a quick update for you all, but our little guy is a walker now!  On Thursday he took a step to me on his own (apparently though he's been doing that at daycare too, but I just don't count it until I see it!).  Then on Friday he took 2 steps.  On Saturday he was an ambitious little guy and took 5 steps or so.  It is funny because we were at a potluck get together with some of my Army friends and my friend Polly had just taken Nolan from me to hold him.  As many of you know, Nolan can be very attached at times, and he was just so anxious to get back to me.  So, Polly stood him up on the floor and I reached my hands out to him to get him to walk to me and that's when he took all those steps!  What a fun event :) 

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