Friday, October 16, 2009

Introducing Mom Living Healthy!

Some of you may have noticed that you're not just receiving posts about Ryan, Nolan and Frank. I've been writing about menu planning, recipes, cloth diapering etc. Well, what can I say. I just enjoy this whole blogging thing so much that I want to write about other topics too! For me, this is a process that allows me to learn new things and to share all that I am learning. I started this blog in April and have learned SO much in those 7 months!

With that in mind, I'm proud to introduce my new blog Mom Living Healthy. At that site I will focus on parenting, nutrition, fitness, recreation, organization and time management. No, I'm not professing to be an expert in those areas, but I am striving to improve my health. Through Mom Living Healthy I will pass on what I learn through books and other blogs that I read. I also hope to learn from you and your experiences as well.

So, could you help me out? Click on over to Mom Living Healthy and tell me what you think of the design. If nutrition and healthy living are interests of yours, consider subscribing to my posts and taking this journey with me. Thanks!

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