Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Pictures

Let's start off with one of Frank. His name is in the title of this blog, but I'm afraid that there's another little guy who likes to steal the show. Other fun pictures of late are mainly from our time spent here at home. Here is Nolan shooting hoops. He loves it when we shoot too, and will repeat "too" until one of us comply. Also, not to brag, but he's quite the Joe Mauer, catching balls when we throw them to him...at 18 months! We picked up a Mickey Mouse fishing rod for Nolan last weekend, and he had lots of fun with Daddy on the driveway catching "fishies." Nolan also loves his tricycle, "sickle," as he calls it. Daddy has now taught him how to do a wheelie, so that is his current favorite thing to do on the tricycle.

Note the "action" shot I took of Nolan shooting the basketball. It would have been blurry for sure with my old camera. I'm still figuring this new camera out, but it sure does a good job!

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