Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tractor rides and coloring time

These are a few pictures from this month so far.  It's been a good and busy month for us.  We sold our Minneapolis house last Friday and are now settling into life in a small town.  So far it's great!  We like our neighbors and love that there are so many other young families with kids around Nolan's age.  Many people are out on nice days playing in their yards and taking walks around the neighborhood.  We like that we're a little closer to our parents too...last weekend Ryan's parents dropped by while they were on a motorcycle ride.  Nolan loved sitting on Grandpa's motorcycle and has pointed out lots of motorcycles that drive by since then. 

For Easter, we spent the weekend at Ryan's parents place.  It was a fun time for us and Nolan.  We dyed Easter eggs and Nolan got to hunt for his basket and plenty of eggs on Easter morning.  We had great food and a fun time with everyone there.  We also stopped by my Uncle Brad and Aunt Ann's for an Easter gathering and had a great meal there. 

The first set of pictures I'm including is from Easter weekend.  Nolan got to ride on the lawn mower (aka tractor) with Ryan and he rode on a tricycle too.  He didn't pedal, but did push himself around.  He and his cousin Chayton had a blast that weekend playing together.  They are both old enough now that they are starting to actually interact when they are playing...playing together and not just playing near each other.

The second set of pictures is from Nolan coloring this morning.  We are starting to get into the routine of having every day together, and he's really liking to color with his washable markers.  By the way, I LOVE THOSE MARKERS!  Makes me wonder why the previous owner of this house didn't let her kids use those instead of normal markers and crayons that permanently stay on walls and doors! 

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