Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visiting with Grandpa Garth

Wow, that was almost a week ago already! We had a fabulous time with Grandpa Garth (I know, it still sounds weird to say that) last week. His plane was a little delayed on Monday, so we had to get going right away to the Progressive building to pick up my car. By the way, I think my car looks even better now than it did before the accident! After that we headed back home and had just a little time before Kirstin and Ryan got home. Ryan, Nolan and I left for the Twins game with G-papi and Grandma Teri (if you get me pics of this I'll post them) while Kirstin, Irene and Grandpa Garth took Frank to the dog park. Irene was the brave one who picked up the poo...but Grandpa Garth had to do it later in the week! After the game, we spent another few hours chatting at our place. It's so great having family all in one spot and catching up!

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked and Grandpa found things to keep him busy (tennis with Wilk and lunch with Diedrich). Wednesday night Grandpa went to salsa, which has become a regular activity for him when he visits us. Thursday Grandpa, Nolan, Frank and I went to the dog park again. Later that night we all went over to G'ma Sara's and G'pa Mario's for chili and Nintendo Wii. It was fun seeing everyone get up there and trying out the Wii...Kirstin is a natural snowboarder and stepper. Diedrich and Grandpa Garth picked up tennis pretty quickly too! All in all this was a great visit because it gave me a chance to really talk to my dad and he got to see how much Nolan has changed these last few months. Here two pictures from his time here:

Proud Grandpa

Future Guitar Player?

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