Friday, May 8, 2009

Training Walks

Grandma Jayne, Kristen, Chayton, Grandpa Ken and Nolan

This year I got the idea to participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day, which is 3 day, 60 mile fundraising walk for breast cancer research, treatment and education. Kirstin, Jayne and Kristen are all walking with me (there are ten of us in total), and we've gotten a good start on our training already. The reason I mention this in my blog is that Ryan and Nolan have gone on just about every walk with us! For a couple of the walks, Ryan met us halfway with Nolan in the stroller. Last week we walked about 5 miles (no GPS, so we can't be sure of the actual distance) with Grandpa Ken, Grandma Jayne, Jake, Kristen, Reggie, Ryan, Chayton, Nolan and a pack of dogs. What a fun time! I wonder what the other bikers on the trail thought of such a big group of people and animals.

Nolan sat in the stroller for the first hour, just looking around and chewing on his pacifier attacher. Then he got a little antsy and we all took turns carrying him back. He looked so cute in his little sun hat :)

Grandpa Ken and Nolan

Another funny incident was when Pika, Kristen's pug, started to get tired. She was a little trooper and kept up for quite a while, but eventually she just started to lay down in every patch of shade along the pavement. Someone got the idea to put her in the carrying basket below the Chayton's stroller, but Pika just wouldn't have it. She'd jump out every time we put her in there. Finally, because she was so tired and really just needed a rest, Grandpa Ken took Pika's leash and tied it so that she couldn't get out of the basket. She looked so funny just sitting there and panting. It got the job done though because soon her breathing returned to normal and she found a way to hop out and jog along with us again.

Pika Hitching A Ride

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