Friday, January 29, 2010

January Pictures

January has been an exciting month for Nolan.  He's really figured out that he can now talk and his vocabulary is quite extensive for a 14 month old.  His words to date include:

Mommy, Daddy
Hi, bye
water (probably his most frequently used word)
please (this one Grandma Teri taught him!)
spoon, bowl
up, down

As you can see, most of his words revolve around food.  This makes sense, since our little guy still LOVES to eat.  It is getting a little more difficult to get him to eat veggies, but overall he still has a good appetite. 

Nolan is such a curious little boy.  He loves to open all the cupboards, drawers and refrigerator to see what he can find inside them.  He will spend some time reading books on his own now too!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from this last month. 

Watching the Vikings game with Grandma Teri

A Car Ride with Frank

Climbing in the fridge at Grandma Sara and Grandpa Mario's

He loves to crawl under the TV stand

Reading time

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