Monday, June 1, 2009

Solid Foods

I started Nolan on solid foods over two months ago, but I limited his variety to rice cereal, bananas and avacadoes until recently. The next food that I've introduced is sweet potatoes. As with avacadoes, his initial reaction isn't a positive one. In fact, he looks more like I'm trying to poison him with every bite. Really, are they so bad that you have to gag when you taste them?! So far, he's had sweet potatoes three times and he isn't showing any signs of warming up to them. Oh well, I will continue to offer them to him and hopefully he will start to like them soon.

Rather than use jars of store-bought baby food, I am pureeing my own fruits and vegetables. In future posts, I plan on explaining my methods of preparing and storing this homemade baby food. I'll also talk about the tools that I've found that work the best for doing this.

Do you make your own baby food, buy from the store or do a combination of the two? Aside from fruits and veggies, do you make your own cereals or other baby snacks?

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